Dune of Pilat

Photos of Dune of Pilat do not do it justice! We heard about it from our fellow camper van couple while already on the road . It wasn’t too far off our current route so we re-arranged a few plans to schedule a stop.

The Dune is famous for being Europes tallest sand dune containing about 550 million cubic meters of sand. The weather here is generally pleasant with plenty of shade from the trees for those warmer/sunnier days.

The Dune is located 60km North of Bordeaux in the heart of Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park. 

We stayed in a campsite at the southern most point of the sand dune – Pyla Camping. The campsite was perfectly positioned for accessing the sand dune.

Climbing to the top is by no means a easy thing – Amy took on the challenge carrying our daughter in a carry sling and she managed it and the panoramic views were well worth it, although at times it felt never ending.


You don’t need to spend lots of time here so a 2-3 night stay would be fine unless you want to explore the National Park more, in which case there plenty to do. The National Park is lovely and there are some great lakes a short drive to the south that we’d highly recommend. Most of the campsites positioned on the Dune looked great and seemed to all be competitively priced. Pyla Camping was goods for us because it had the easiest access to the Dune.

This is also a very good Paragliding spot if that is something you’re into.

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