About Us

Amy and I got married in 2012, dreaming of a life of adventure together. We enjoyed a variety of holidays, from the luxuries of the Maldives to the wine of South Africa, hiking in Yosemite Park to camping trips in South Wales.

In 2017, we were thrilled to find out our first child was on her way. Until this point we had regularly taken camping trips, enjoying the freedom of 'rocking up', which soon became less practical. Our first insight into this revelation was when we both took time off in 2018 to go on a 3-week tour of Italy, France and Spain with our 9 month old baby. We loved this holiday but noticed how camping wasn't the go-to choice for accommodation anymore, having a camper was, and so the search began.

To be honest, having a VW wasn't our highest priority. For us its about getting the most space we can with a compact vehicle.

A few spreadsheets and vision boards later and we decided to take the plunge and buy our first Campervan. We found a very reputable conversion company (Custom Camper Solutions) who helped us source the van and do it out for us.

Our vision for the van is that our customers get to enjoy it just as much as we do and use it to create lasting memories. We love the freedom a campervan holiday gives us and we hope you do too! So whether you are looking to book for a weekend trip or a longer adventure we look forward to hearing from you.